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Alex and Annie Zhao arrived in Australia in 1987 and married the same year. They started running a small Asian Restaurant called The Galaxy Chinese restaurant in Nowra in 1988 whichthey ran for 9 years. Wanting a break, they moved to Melbourne in 1997, but this was short lived and 2 years later, in 1999 they moved back to Nowra where they started a restaurant in Nowra Bowling Club.

In 2009 Alex and Annie joined partnership with Annie’s brother Danny and his wife Annie to open a restaurant in Batemans Bay Solders Club and the restaurant is still owned and operated by Annie and Danny today.

Annie & Alex have four children all boys ranging from 21 to 33, who completed all of their schooling in Sydney. As Annie and Alex owned and operated the restaurant in Nowra this meant they could only see the boys on the weekend and during the school week they stayed with Alex’s mother in Sydney.

After many years of being away from their boys Annie decided it was time to move to Sydney to spend time with them and started looking for a venue to run when they found Kingsgrove RSL Club.

Alex still runs Nowra Bowling Club and although Annie’s get to spend all her time with her children, she only gets to see her husband 2 days a week. Annie brought her team with her from Nowra and this includes Katie who is front of house, Ricky who is the head chef and Jason who is the second chef. Annie and Alex also hired Michael Chan who is a long-time staff member of all the restaurants who have run our bistro since Freddy and Judy. Poloy Restaurant is serving a traditional Asian cuisine and Annie has kick started her restaurant with many specials for members to come and try for themselves.

From left to right: Katie, Annie and Ricky