A Casual Vacancy has arisen on the Board of Directors of Kingsgrove RSL Club Ltd.

The Board of Directors are seeking the applications for a casual vacancy of Director.

If you feel you have the acumen, drive and passion to be a director of Kingsgrove RSL Club then you should apply.

Any member seeking to apply should provide a letter to the Chief Executive Officer along with any other documentation that will assist in the determination of your application.

Please note that any member applying must comply with Rule 22.6 of The Kingsgrove RSL Club Constitution:

            RIGHT HOLD OFFICE:

            In Accordance with Rule 22.6 of the Club Constitution Full Members who having

            been a member for a minimum continuous period of 3 years are entitled to hold

            office as the President, Senior Vice President, Vice President and Director of the Club.

Applications will close on Friday 16th July at 5pm

The successful candidate will hold office until the next election in 2022

All applications to be made to the Attention of the Chief Executive Officer either presented to the Club,  PO Box 57 Kingsgrove 2208, or email info@kingsrsl.com.au

The Lost Diggers of Fromelles

Kingsgrove RSL Club was honoured to have given funding to St Clare’s College students to create The Lost Diggers of Fromelles Documentary, in collaboration with Patrick Lindsay, an Australia’s best-selling non-fiction author and TV broadcaster.

Giving a voice to the families who lost so much, the documentary features relatives of the missing diggers who reflect on the enormous loss caused to their families by the death of their loved ones in the fields of Fromelles. Drone technology is used to outline the immense obstacles our soldiers faced as they were sent across the fields to attack the German trenches.

Congratulations to St Clare’s College students & Patrick Lindsay on the release of The Lost Diggers of Fromelles and your tremendous efforts.


Kingsgrove RSL Club is a CovidSAFE venue and we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our members, guest and staff at all times.

From 1st January 2021 the NSW Government has mandated new entry requirements for all hospitality venues including Kingsgrove RSL Club so when visiting your club you will be required to scan a unique QR code using the camera function on your smart phone to register through Services NSW.