Go Green

Why go paperless?

It’s easy
Signing up for paperless is so easy, simply click the link and enter your preferred details,
and your three annual editions of The Burst will be sent directly to your inbox! No waiting for the mail.

It’s convenient
Receiving your copies of Kingsgrove RSL Club Burst Magazine directly to your inbox is convenient,
making it easy to read anywhere, anytime on any/all of your smart devices, and best of all no need to find a recycling bin.

It’s green!
The best reason of all to go paperless! Going paperless means less rubbish, less wastage and a happier planet.
Support the Kingsgrove RSL Club Green initiative by going paperless today.

Kingsgrove RSL Club are excited to announce that paperless post of The BURST is now available!

Get on board the paperless train and start reducing today!